24 KDF 2018, Campaign

Based on the premise that dancing is a human need, the artistic programme of the 24th Kalamata Dance Festival 2018 (Greece) was designed as an ode to the human body, its plasticity, its many forms, its unknown and measureless potential.

Creators, dance choreographers and teachers of multifaceted activity, as well as great performers, explore, test and present through their work and knowledge the limits of human potential at the Kalamata Dance Festival.

Exactly as the human body is moulded, crammed, runs, stays still, fights, sleeps, wears, is destroyed and reborn, the identity of the 24th KDF 2018 Campaign outbids on the nature of dance as a language and a form of communication.

Creating custom made fonts using duct tape to cater for all titles, names , background needs, covers a large spectrum of demands on print, outdoor & digital social media. Using this medium a uniform visual identity for the Kalamata Dance Festival was delivered and the idea of dance as an alphabet was founded on a visual communications level.

Coarse textures, liquid two-dimensional trajectories of the duct tape that create volumes, intense lighting, and the actual textures of materials grand the end result an additional human tone, bringing the art of dance one step closer to the general public.

The layout, placement and final composition of the custom made fonts combined with all other features mentioned, radiate mobility and intense rhythm, relaying dance tempo and musicality to a usually soundless medium thus inviting the viewer to explore the language- the one that belongs to dance.

Municipality of Kalamata
Pharis” (Kalamata Municipality Beneficiary Organisation)
Kalamata International Dance Festival

EBGE 2019 (Greek Design and Illustration Awards)

1. Grand Award-Graphic Design, “Multiple Applications”

2. Award, “Multiple Applications”

3. Merit, “Culture & Public sector / Logo”

Visual Identity, Photography, Videos of 24 KDF 2018:
Mike Rafail